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700hp RevoZport Razmig Will Get Active Aerodynamics Components

Succeeding the Gallardo, the Huracan is now under the spotlight among all tuners throughout the world. To differentiate ourselves among all ordinary aero packages being offered in the market, RevoZport decided to be the market leader when designing the Lamborghini Huracan.

For this to be achieved and to ensure that the very highest standards in styling and performance were reached. The design team took into consideration a number of factors. From how they could save weight to how they could improve upon the finishes. In this instance not only have they gone for the traditional Gloss and Matt Carbon finish they have also introduced as an exclusive RevoZport finish – Forged Carbon.

So now lets introduce the RevoZport Razmig, which is equipped with the first-in-the-industry carbon fibre rear diffuser with active aerodynamics components. With just a push of a button, the flaps on the rear diffuser will be lowered, which delivers instant extra downforce. From the rigidity point of view, RevoZport has done something revolutionary. Carbon fibre cross frame are introduced inside both doors of the car, which you can image; significantly enhances the overall structure.

Other race-inspired components include a carbon hood, carbon doors, carbon fenders, front splitter with dive planes, side scoop extensions as well as a carbon GT spoiler, which all contribute to shedding an impressive 100kg.

RevoZport adds an almighty 90hp to the V10 naturally aspirated engine now pushing out 700 horse power or bull power. The Razmig features an upgraded intake system which provides a more smooth and cooler air flow, a tuned ECU and a Formula One-grade Inconel exhaust which only weighs 7 kg but is 6 times more efficient than a titanium exhaust when it comes to getting rid of gases.