At the engineering department of RevoZport London, a special performance pack has been developed to bring the 503hp GTS to a whopping 650hp. This is achieved by a bespoke ECU mapping together with a free-flow intake system and a titanium exhaust system set. The titanium exhaust system weighs less than 10kg, that’s a lot of weight savings compared to the original stainless steel.

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With such performance, extra downforce and grip is achieved by a newly designed add-on aerokit for the GT & GTS owners. Designed with CAD and simulated by CFD, the RevoZport GTZ-650 AeroKit is inspired by the SLS Black series with more aggressive front splitters and canards at the front while at the rear the customer can choose to have a duckbill trunk lip spoiler or fixed GT wing for extra down-force. Carbon Kevlar (normally used on bullet proof vests) is used for front add-on splitter to endure any scratches and all other components are produced in carbon fibre.