Razor 7R Front

Golf 7R Facelift Based on the Golf 7R

RevoZport are proud to present the very latest aerokit for the Golf 7R Facelift. The Razor 7R Aerokit consists of a revised front add-on splitter that has brake cooling effect, side skirts, rear diffuser, add-on trunk lip spoiler and a new-vented hood that is reinforced with carbon Kevlar. The new design is especially made for the facelift model and none of these products have been carried from the previous model.


Golf VII “RAZOR 7E” Based on the e-Golf

In October 2016, the world’s first-ever e-Touring Car Challenge took place in Hong Kong and RevoZport were proud to participate in this major international motorsport event. As the official aerokit supplier for the e-Touring Car Challenge, we developed the first aerokit especially for the Volkswagen e-Gold. Namely, the “Razor 7E”.Which consisted of the followings specially designed parts: Front Splitter, Bumper Canard, Side Skirt, Rear Diffuser, and GT Roof Spoiler, all made in carbon composite fibre to give these race cars the extra downforce needed for this one make race.

In order to fulfill the performance and safety parameters for the race event, 16 brand new Volkswagen e-Golf cars under went a range of modifications by FRD (Formula Racing Technology Ltd.), including roll cage, suspension, brake, racing seat, 6-point harness, wheels, rims and fire extinguisher upgrades all designed to meet racing safety standards.

The e-Touring Car Challenge had two practice sessions ahead of a 15-minute qualifying and 20-minute race event. Both practice sessions and the race event were held on the track of Formula E. Five celebrity drivers who have previous racing experience were invited to compete with ten veteran drivers, all of which added to the overall fun and excitement of this much anticipated race day.


Golf VII R “RAZOR 7R” Based on the Golf VII R

The RAZOR 7R is based on the Golf VII R. With its featured all-wheel drive and a turbocharged TSI 2.0-liter engine the performance is better than the GTI on which it was based. Not quite an even match with the on-track performance figures of the perennial small AWD hot hatch and sedan rivals, the Mitsubishi Evolution and Subaru STI. The RAZOR 7R was still very fast and sure-footed, with a distinct sound and feel that couldn’t be quantified with simple numbers on a spec sheet. It was certainly enough for the VW enthusiasts like ourselves and for those buyers looking for almost the same performance as the Evo or STI, but without a sore ass from a rough ride or tinnitus from the lack of sound deadening.


Golf VII “RAZOR 7” Based on the Golf VII GTi

The RAZOR 7 is based on the Golf VII GTi. Its performance has been revised with new ECU mapping, titanium exhaust, and 2 – stage induction system, which makes the 2.0 litre 230 horsepower engine produce more than 290hp. The exterior is dressed up with a double decked front splitter, a full carbon hood that shows 2 vents to help exhaust the heat from the extra horsepower, a pair of carbon side skirts, a GT-Wing and a 2 element diffuser all with a touch of red carbon accent. The titanium exhaust stretches from the down-pipe all the way to the dual purple-ish titanium tips, which only weight 10kg, that’s more than a 50% weight savings from the original stainless steel system.




Razor 7R Front

The VW Golf 6. An icon of the ultimate sports hatchback with a timeless appeal.

Revozport provides a range of styling accessories to compliment the design of the Golf TSi, GTi, GTD, R with a more unique, aggressive but not over exaggerated cues.

Each styling kit is designed and produced to the very last detail for fitment and quality.

On the surface, it may appear to be just an addon bodykit, but they are in fact part of a grander harmonious concept. It gives the Golf a sportier touch, and character.