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Handling a Supermodel

Driving the Lamborghini Aventador or as we prefer at RevoZport the ‘Lamotta’ is like dating the super of ‘supermodels’ because you know that whilst every one is smiling at you deep down they’re green with envy. The Lamotta arrives on to the scene with all the flamboyance and panache of a leading Hollywood star coupled with the amazing handling skills and control of one of Italy’s finest ‘Serie A’ players. Available as an S coupe or S roadster the RevoZport Lamotta can be styled to include everything, from a complete aerokit, in a choice of finishes, including; Gloss, Matt or exclusive from RevoZport Forged Carbon, Plus a performance enhancement upgrade package and forged alloy wheels. But just remember like all supermodels the Lamotta demands the finer things in life and will expect you to deliver.