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The M2 Raze is focused on Weight Reduction and Aerodynamics.

All components were painstakingly designed by a team of engineers and designers to ensure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reduce weight and improve aerodynamic function.

Cooling Importance

For any high performance cars, cooling is as important as good braking. The M2 RAZE Front Splitter System, Canards and Bonnet are exactly designed for both aerodynamic and cooling effect.

Weight Reduction & Performance

The power-to-weight ratio directly determines a sports car performance. When weight is reduced, speed, brake, lateral and longitudal G Force are all improved dramatically.

The M2 RAZE aim to trim down more than 50kg of weight from the original trim and with the help of the Performance upgrade kit, it brings the car to approximately 480hp. A very significant increase in power-to-weight ratio.

m2 design 2