It’s been a while since RevoZport has designed anything for Audi. The new Audi RS3 facelift is determined to take on rivals like AMG A45, CLA45, or even the BMW M2. We have no doubt about the performance of the described Audi model, but doesn’t it look a bit boring in stock trim?

I mean, we ARE talking about “Hot-Hatches” after all, aren’t we?

By definition, a Hot-Hatch has to perform and look menacing. It is the reason why RevoZport has to enter the picture and give it a little nudge to bring out that beast inside this 400hp creature.


The 5 cylinder 2.5 litre turbo-charged engine is no doubt much more powerful, lighter, and more efficient. However, when you’re in the track and up against your competitor, it’s not just the brute force that you need, it’s also reliability and consistent power.

The RevoZport carbon kevlar hood is designed to help with heat dissipation efficiency, the vents like in a Group B race car are there to draw out hot air from the front radiator while saving at least 30-40% of weight over the original metal hood.

The other parts of the aerokit are also there to enhance downforce and yet not spoil the overall design cue. Just subtly more aggressive than the original while maintaining its function is the core design brief for RevoZport. The GT spoiler is a bit over the top, but for the true hardcore fans, a swan neck GT spoiler that has 3-way adjustment is probably inevitable when you’re fighting for the extra grip in a race track.

Performance parts are also available. Figures have not been released yet, but expect a min. 50hp gain with the new carbon fiber airbox system, remapped ECU, and titanium exhaust system.