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Putting the E in Executive

What more is there to say about the Mercedes E-Class that has not already been said? From the athletically elegant outside to the cabin where your senses come alive.The E-Class truly put the E ‘executive’. It has all the style and charm of a luxury 5 Star hotel and Spa on wheels but with enough cutting edge turbo charged power under the hood to keep you firmly in the fast lane.And now with the vision of the designers and engineers at RevoZport you can really show that you’ve made it to the top. The detailed styling and performance enhancement package for the E-Class Sedan, Estate or AMG model is there to clearly be seen and enjoyed.

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The RZE-640 Aerodynamic Package

Although it’s been a couple of years since the launch of the facelift W212 AMG E63S. The staggering performance of this twin-turbo V8 engine with a 557hp 5.5 litre twin-turbo V8 engine is still one of the best engine AMG has ever produced. To complete all of this power RevoZport have taken it to the next level with a Performance Package for the AMG E63S, which includes a remapped ECU, bespoke carbon air intake system and titanium exhaust system. Which increase the E63S from 557hp to 635hp (E63 from 525hp to 603hp). RZE-640 Aerodynamic kit includes a new design carbon fiber front splitter, side skirt, truck spoiler and rear diffuser for the E63 facelift. 2 pcs of front splitter attach to the two side of the bumper, side skirt with the rear bumper skirt give the E63 more aggressive look and extra down force. It exaggerates the doorsills lines with the extra width. The carbon rear diffuser with 3 fins replace the original plastic cover between the 4 exhaust tips.