Lamborghini Urus “Kuijia” Complete Aerokit Gloss / Matt

USD$ 12,800.00

P/N: L URS 2 LAM K666

Application: Lamborghini Urus

Consisting of the followings:

  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter (Upper)
  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter (Lower)
  • Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Canards
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Lip or GT Spoiler

The RevoZport aerokit for Lamborghini Urus includes the an addon front upper and lower splitter together with the canards that brings out the amazing line of the shape. At the rear, we have a diffuser that is adjustable for different settings and a subtle trunk lip spoiler to finishin off. The SVJ style bumper vents perfectly hamonize the design of the modern Lamborghini design. As the name suggest “Kuijia” means the armour of warrior. The RevoZport carbon fiber aerokit provides the best warrior look.

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