M3/M4 Brake Disc Cooling Set

USD$ 690.00

P/N: B F8X 2 RZM A130 (M3/M4)
P/N: B F8X 2 RZM A131 (M3/M4 Competition)

Produced in 100% carbon fibre composite by vacuum infusion technology the RZ Brake Cooling Set is designed to perform together with the RZ Performance Intake Duct and is to be mounted on the M Performance front splitter. The set includes a pair of high temperate hoses and a pair of carbon fibre disc back plates to provide the maximum ram cooling effect to the brake discs.
Perfect for track and race purpose.
The brake plate uses the exact same mounting point as the BMW original back plate.

Application: M3/M4 Performance Kit (Also available for M3/M4 Competition)

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