R-Zentric ES8

USD$ 780.00

R-Zentric NIO ES8 Roof Spoiler by Revozport

P/N: N ES8 2 REZ C300
Application: All ES8 (Series 1)
Price: US$ 700
Material: Gloss Carbon Fibre

The ES8 Carbon Fiber roof spoiler is a stylish and performance-enhancing addition designed specifically for the street version of the NIO ES8. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, this roof spoiler not only adds a touch of sportiness to the ES8’s exterior but also improves its aerodynamics.

The sleek and lightweight design of the carbon fiber spoiler effectively reduces drag and enhances stability, allowing for improved handling and a more dynamic driving experience. Its precise fitment seamlessly integrates with the ES8’s roofline, complementing its overall aesthetics.

In addition to its visual appeal, the ES8 Carbon Fiber roof spoiler serves a functional purpose by increasing downforce on the rear of the vehicle, improving traction and stability at higher speeds. This can be especially beneficial during cornering and spirited driving, enhancing the ES8’s overall performance capabilities.

With its combination of style, aerodynamic benefits, and performance enhancements, the ES8 Carbon Fiber roof spoiler is an exciting upgrade option for street car owners looking to add a touch of sportiness and optimize their NIO ES8 driving experience

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