Lixeng L9 – RZ Front Splitter

USD$ 720.00

Lixeng L9 R-Zentric Front Splitter by Revozport

P/N: L LX9 2 ZEN A100

  • Front Splitter: This sleek and aerodynamic front splitter gives a bold, assertive look to the front of your L9. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the vehicle’s downforce, resulting in superior stability at high speeds.**Front splitter canards (L LX9 2 ZEN A101)  are part of the fender kit.
  • 前分流器:这款时尚且符合空气动力学的前分流器为您的 L9 前部带来大胆、自信的外观。 它不仅增强了美观性,还提高了车辆的下压力,从而在高速行驶时实现卓越的稳定性。**前分离器鸭翼 (L LX9 2 ZEN A101) 是挡泥板套件的一部分。

The Lixeng L9 R-Zentric Aerokit by Revozport is more than just an upgrade; it’s a statement. It’s about embracing elegance and class while infusing a sporty, aggressive appeal. With this aerokit, your SUV won’t just be another vehicle on the road – it will be a testimony of style, performance, and sophistication. Experience the difference today.

– Front lip – L LX9 2 ZEN A100 = RMB 5000
– Front lip (side canards) – L LX9 2 ZEN A101 = RMB 1200
– Fender Kit – L LX9 2 ZEN B100 = RMB 10,000
– Roof spoiler – L LX9 2 ZEN C300 = RMB 3800
– Rear Diffuser – L LX9 2 ZEN C100 = RMB 5000


Enhance the product’s personality to match your style with an added color accent, available in “Red”, “Yellow” or a roof spoiler to make it even more sporty.


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