R-Zentric L9 22” Forged Wheel

USD$ 2,900.00

Revozport的Lixeng L9 R-Zentric车身套件

P/N: L LX9 3 ZEN L220

体验RevoZport的22″锻造铝合金轮毂,这是一款根据客户要求定制的产品。无论是大小、颜色还是其他规格,这些轮毂都可以根据您的喜好进行定制,确保与您的车辆完美匹配。L9 22″锻造轮毂是RevoZport对精密和质量的承诺的体现。这款轮毂专为与RevoZport的R-Zentric空气动力学套件无缝对接而设计,可以提升您车辆的美观性和性能。这些轮毂的一个突出特点是防旋转的中心盖。这确保了RevoZport的标志始终保持正直,为您的车辆外观增添了独特的触感。用RevoZport的22″锻造铝合金轮毂定制您的车辆 – 它是风格、性能和个性化的完美结合

Lixeng L9 R-Zentric 22″ Forged Alum. Wheels

Application: All L9 variants (incld. auto door steps)

Experience the ultimate customization with RevoZport’s 22″ Forged Aluminum wheels, a made-to-order product tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s the size, color, or other specifications, these wheels are customized to your preferences, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle.

The L9 22″ forged wheel is a testament to RevoZport’s commitment to precision and quality. Specifically designed to align seamlessly with RevoZport’s R-Zentric aerokit, these wheels enhance the aesthetic appeal and performance of your vehicle.

One of the standout features of these wheels is the anti-spinner center cap. This ensures that the RevoZport logo remains upright at all times, adding a distinctive touch to your car’s appearance. Customize your ride with RevoZport’s 22″ Forged Aluminum wheels – a perfect combination of style, performance, and personalization.

Enhance the product’s personality to match your style with an added color accent, available in “Red”, “Yellow” or a roof spoiler to make it even more sporty.


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