Lixeng L9 by RevoZport

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Revozport的Lixeng L9 R-Zentric车身套件

P/N: L LX9 2 ZEN K999

提升您的驾驶体验,使用由全球知名的电动汽车设计品牌Revozport精心打造的Lixeng L9 R-Zentric车身套件。这款高品质的车身套件是为了增强Lixeng L9的优雅和高雅设计,Lixeng L9是顶级的中国制造SUV。


  • 前扰流板:这款流线型的前扰流板赋予了L9前端大胆,有力的外观。它不仅增强了美学吸引力,而且提高了汽车的下压力,从而在高速行驶时提供了卓越的稳定性。
  • 添加式挡泥板:这些添加式挡泥板设计成与Lixeng L9现有车身完美融合,增强了其威武的姿态。通过扩大轮拱,这些挡泥板不仅增强了SUV的视觉效果,而且提供了更好的防护,避免路面碎片。
  • 后扰流板:后扰流板是任何性能车辆的必备组件,L9 R-Zentric车身套件也不例外。这个特性有助于有效的气流管理,减小拖拽力,提高稳定性,同时为SUV的后端添加了运动元素。
  • 小型车顶扰流板:这是一种微妙而有影响力的增加,小型车顶扰流板为Lixeng L9的优雅轮廓增添了一丝运动感。除了其美学吸引力外,这个扰流板还通过减少车辆后部的紊流来改善空气动力学。

Revozport的Lixeng L9 R-Zentric车身套件不仅仅是一个升级;它是一种声明。它旨在拥抱优雅和高雅,同时注入运动,有力的吸引力。有了这个车身套件,您的SUV不仅仅是路上的另一辆车 – 它将是风格,性能和精致的见证。今天就体验这种差异。

Lixeng L9 R-Zentric Aerokit by Revozport

P/N: L LX9 2 ZEN K999
Application: All L9 variants (incld. auto door steps)

Elevate your driving experience with the Lixeng L9 R-Zentric Aerokit, a groundbreaking creation by the globally renowned EV design brand, Revozport. This high-quality aerokit is meticulously crafted to enhance the elegance and class of your Lixeng L9, a top-tier Chinese-made SUV.

This comprehensive aerokit includes:

  • Front Splitter: This sleek and aerodynamic front splitter gives a bold, assertive look to the front of your L9. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the vehicle’s downforce, resulting in superior stability at high speeds.
  • Addon Fender Flares: These addon fender flares are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Lixeng L9’s existing bodywork, augmenting its aggressive stance. By widening the wheel arches, these flares not only enhance the SUV’s visuals but also offer better protection against road debris.
  • Rear Diffuser: The rear diffuser is an essential component for any performance vehicle, and the L9 R-Zentric Aerokit doesn’t disappoint. This feature aids in efficient airflow managementreducing drag and enhancing stability while adding a sporty element to the SUV’s rear end.
  • Small Roof Spoiler: A subtle yet impactful addition, the small roof spoiler adds a touch of sportiness to the Lixeng L9’s elegant silhouette. Besides its aesthetic appeal, this spoiler also improves aerodynamics by reducing turbulence at the rear of the vehicle.

The Lixeng L9 R-Zentric Aerokit by Revozport is more than just an upgrade; it’s a statement. It’s about embracing elegance and class while infusing a sporty, aggressive appeal. With this aerokit, your SUV won’t just be another vehicle on the road – it will be a testimony of style, performance, and sophistication. Experience the difference today.

Enhance the product’s personality to match your style with an added color accent, available in “Red”, “Yellow” or a roof spoiler to make it even more sporty.


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