The R-Zentric is focused on Aerodynamics.

The Tesla Model S is not just a normal sedan. It is a sedan with supercar performance, 0-60mph in 3.2secs for the P85D and 4.4 secs for the P85 and top speed exceeds 250km/h. The Model S aerodynamic has achieved a very low drag coefficient, however, with all low drag cars, downforce may be sacrificed and therefore cornering performance will also be sacrificed not to mention the car weight over 2100kg.

Our design is focused on giving the Model S better traction and downforce for ultimate cornering speed.

An overall 40mm wider track allows the car to sit on 9.5J with 255 tyres at the front and 11J with 295 tyres at the rear. Front front splitter, side skirts, trunk spoiler to the rear diffuser, each product is carefully designed to provide high downforce and thus create a well-balanced performance vehicle that goes fast in both straight line and corners. Each product is designed with CAD software to the highest precision and reverse engineered to fit the OEM components.

The goal, is to bring out the most advanced technology for aftermarket aero parts.

design 1
3d scanning

3D Scanning

For all reverse engineering projects, getting precise raw data is the most important task. As such, RevoZport invested over USD$150,000 worth of equipment for an industrial type 3D scanner for ultra-high accuracy data.

3D Modeling

To achieve a completely new production approach that is rarely used in the tuner market, we used the 3D Reverse engineering method. A complete Tesla Model S data was captured by an industrial type 3D Scanner with accuracy down to 0.04mm or 0.0016 inch. Each RevoZport product is then designed using this data captured and carefully drawn with the CATIA software to make sure all components are manufactured to the OEM standard.

3d modeling

3D Printing and Prototyping

3D Printing allows true rapid-prototyping. Our engineers and designers can now instantly see and test the products in any scale they want.

CNC Machining

The R-Zentric aerokit may look simple to manufacture but for production, nothing less than a 5 axis CNC machine is needed for the high precision and complex angles.