R-Zentric Model S Plaid Aerokit

USD$ 3,800.00USD$ 4,180.00

P/N:   T MSP 2 MSP K888
Application: 2022 Model S  (Plaid, Long Range)


TESLA has come up with the world’s fastest sedan car ever! The 2022 Model S Plaid sprint to 60mph in 2.1 secs! That’s insane!

At RevoZport, we think the Plaid is really understated in terms of its look. The definition of “Wolf in sheepskin” should really include the MS Plaid in the dictionary.

With this performance, we think it deserves an aero kit that lives with its performance and also help with some downforce when it goes around corners. The R-Zentric Model S Plaid kit designed the aerokit with reference to the prototype model that was tested around Nurburging and feature very similar parts to add on to the 2022 Model S.

Featuring a new front splitter, hood, skirts, diffuser, a rather big wing and wide fenders. All these are functional for 1 purpose. Downforce and traction width.

Aerokit Products List:
-R-Zentric Model S Plaid Front Splitter
-R-Zentric Model S Plaid Side Skirts
-R-Zentric Model S Plaid Rear Diffuser

-R-Zentric Model S Plaid GT Spoiler
-R-Zentric Model S Plaid Wide Fender Kit

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