R-Zentric Model XR Aerokit

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P/N:   T MOX 2 MXR K999 (Base Kit)
P/N:   T MOX 2 MXR K888 (Upgrade Kit For V1 Customer)

Optional Item:
P/N:   T MOX 2 MXR A300 (Lightweight Vented Hood)
P/N:   T MOX 2 MXR C300 (Addon Upper Trunk Spoiler for Active/Non-Active Spoiler)
P/N:   T MOX 2 MXR C310 (Addon Lower Trunk Spoiler)



Dubbed the Model XR features a complete redesigned aero kit made in carbon fibre composite material that complements the design hue of the original Model X. Featuring lightweight composite hybrid hood that has vents to connect with the front fascia to help stream airflow. Widen wheel track by 25mm front and 35mm rear on each side to accommodate the 2pcs forged aluminum wheels also made by RevoZport.

The design language is carried forward from its sibling, the Model 3R Ev. Featuring big carbon fibre rear canards that resemble the Tesla Roadster. The new trunk spoiler is a 2pcs combination designed especially for the P100D model or those with active spoiler. When lowered, the 2 spoilers combine into 1 pcs, very sleek design.

With the more aggressive stance, the Model XR now sits on a custom made forged aluminum wheels with front 22*9.0J ET+1  on Michellin 265/35/22 and rear 22*11.5J ET+10 on Michellin 315 /30/22.

The front splitter system provides extra downforce to the front end while not creating much drag, thanks to the airflow design vents at the bottom of the splitter system. The completely redesigned rear diffuser system enhances the original airflow by a new sets of air fins which also allows the function of the tow hook. Redesigned side skirts, also known as rocker panels, add echoes and completes the overall sportier image of the R-Zentric Model XR.

For those earlier RevoZport Model X customers, don’t worry! RevoZport designed this kit with  you guys in mind. There’s an upgrade kit for you where you can order the XR extended fender kit, side skirts, front and rear canards to give your Model X a fresh look.

Model XR Base Kit Item List:

-Model XR Front Splitter System
-Model XR Front Lower Splitter
-Model XR Front Bumper Canards
-Model XR Extended Wide Fender
-Model XR Side Skirt Set
-Model XR Extended Side Skirt Set
-Model XR Rear Bumper Canards
-Model XR Rear Diffuser
-Model XR Rear Diffuser Flaps (Color Coded)


– Model XR Lightweight Vented Hood
– Model XR Trunk Upper Spoiler (Action/Non-Active Spoiler)
– Model XR Trunk Lower Spoiler

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