R-Zentric Rear Entertainment Console for Model S

USD$ 1,250.00

While the 17” touch control panel offers a revolutionary way for the driver & front passenger to take control, the passengers in the backseat often feel left out for not having access of the panel.

The R-Zentric rear entertainment console is the perfect add-on for your precious rear passengers to take control. The console offers the perfect support for your iPad Mini to view your favourite movie or music from your favourite touch panel, or that ever-so-important cup-holders to secure your favourite morning refreshers. Oh, and if you need to charge your phone, there’re 2 additional USB plugs and a neat tray for your phone. Available in Carbon Fibre or fine leather trimmings.

Finishing Material: P/N:
Nappa Leather
Carbon Fibre
Custom Leather and Stitching Color
T MOS 1 ZEN B220
T MOS 1 ZEN B230
T MOS 1 ZEN B240

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