Mdoel 3/Y Center Control Touchscreen Protective Flim Tempered Glass

USD$ 19.00

This Protective Flim Tempered Glass only compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y navigation screen. It can keep the fashion design of your car interior, and then you can drive more safely and comfortably on bright and sunny days.

1.Size:15 inch, perfectly fits the navigation screen for Tesla model 3/Y
2.The glass hardness can effectively prevent the collision of hard objects. The shatterproof ensures that the glass sticks together even in the event of severe damage.
3.Anti fingerprint and anti glare: Tesla Model 3 / y screen protector with multi-layer oil-resistant coating can prevent grease left by fingerprint and add extra smoothness to navigation screen. At the same time, it can protect your eyes, because it has good anti-glare characteristics.
4.Easy to install and no bubble with automatic adsorption function.

Note: the installation of screen protective film will not affect the color, icon size and touchscreen function of your GPS display.