Model 3/Y interior HEPA cabin air conditioning filter (2pc/set)

USD$ 79.00

This interior HEPA cabin air conditioning filter is suitable for Telsa Model 3/Y. Preliminary filter + HEPA 12-level filter element, which improves the air quality in the car, and cleans out physical and gaseous.

1. High-quality activated carbon adopts honeycomb sticky carbon composite mesh, which strengthens the strength of the filter.
2. Easy installation: Excellent workmanship, accurate size and compliance, suitable for all Tesla Model3 models, no need to buy additional tools
3. It can remove odor,purify second-hand smoke,eliminate bacteria. Increase ventilation efficiency by 90%
4. The PM2.5 filtering effect can reach 99.9%, and also have the biochemical mode
5.Product color: Black Color