R-Zentric Electre Plus– the powerhouse hot hatch

The Honda Civic Type R (FK2) is the fastest FWD hot hatch to lap the Nurburgring (aka The Green Hell). Needless to say the new turbocharged engine is by far the most powerful Civic to date. Not only is its performance breath taking,but also the appearance is equally as eye catching. The fender flares with vents, the deep front bumper and the big GT wing all gives this Civic a menacing look. At RevoZport, we respect the original factory design of the car and that’s why we were determined to create something that complimented its original state. With the FK2, we designed a carbon fibre extended front splitter along with a bumper side blade to create a more streamline effect so giving more downforce. At the rear, the original GT spoiler may not be everyone’s cup of tea. As such, so we came up with a ducktail trunk splitter to replace it with giving the car a more subtle look.

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