RevoZport Holdings Limited exist to allow our individual companies to devote their time to the pursuit of professional excellence. By encouraging our companies to work together we are able to deliver cutting edge design innovation and creativity with the very best qualities in technology driven manufacturing. Whether we are developing performance and styling accessories for the luxury automotive market, custom designed contemporary furniture for an international boutique hotel or for our own Insignia brand. We ensure that we meet specific individual tastes or styles that allows each of our customers the opportunity to fully express and engage themselves.

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RevoZport Racing Technology Ltd.

RevoZport Racing Technology Limited is considered by many to be one of the leading tuning and styling specialists in the world today. Renown for its innovative design team and state of the art manufacturing facilities. It creates and develops cutting edge performance and styling accessories for a number international luxury automotive brands.

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RevoZport Manufacturing Ltd.

Is the manufacturing division of RevoZport Racing Technology Limited. From its state of the art factory in Guang Dong province of the PRC. It focuses on the production of Composite Carbon Fibre products for OEM and ODM’s along with products of their our own design. It is also the manufacturing centre for its sister company, Alvarae Design Studio – the creators of custom designed contemporary luxury furniture.

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Insignia by RevoZport

Is the luxury signature brand of RevoZport. We believe every individual has their own personality, preference, taste and desire. As a result of this desire, we create customized products that are the perfect synergy of art in design and engineering. Each of our products speak for themselves and it is our mission to ensure that we make each of them unique, desirable, and functional.


Alvarae Design Studio

As the creators of custom designed contemporary luxury furniture each unique piece of furniture created is designed to meet a specific individual taste or style. Each piece is a focal point that is defined by both the excitement it creates and for its undeniable visual appeal. It is a reflection of the integrity of the Designer – Charles Wan to create luxury, yet maintain a minimalist aesthetic.