R-Zentric Lucid Air

USD$ 4,800.00

Lucid Air R-Zentric Aerokit by Revozport

P/N: L CIA 2 REZ K999
Price: US$4800
Material: Custom Carbon Fibre (Matt, Gloss or Forged)

Introducing the Lucid Air R-Zentric Aerokit, a groundbreaking creation from Revozport, the globally respected EV design brand. This bespoke aerokit is specially designed to enhance the unique design language of the Lucid Air, bolstering its image as a super EV. Fashioned entirely from carbon fibre, the aerokit delivers a substantial boost to both aesthetics and performance.

The Lucid Air R-Zentric Aerokit includes:

  • Front Splitter: The front splitter lends a dynamic, commanding look to your Lucid Air. Besides its visual appeal, it enhances the vehicle’s downforce, ensuring superior stability and control at high speeds, reflecting the power and precision inherent in the Lucid Air’s design language.
  • Side Skirts: The side skirts, made of high-quality carbon fibre, provide a sleek, streamlined look to the Lucid Air. They enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics by reducing air pressure underneath the car, contributing to improved stability and handling.
  • Rear Diffuser: The rear diffuser, composed entirely of carbon fibre, efficiently manages airflow, reduces drag, and increases stability. This component adds a sporty touch to the Lucid Air’s rear, perfectly aligning with its design language’s focus on elegance and performance.
  • GT Spoiler: The GT spoiler is a striking addition to the Lucid Air, reinforcing its image as a super EV. Made from carbon fibre, it not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves the aerodynamics by reducing turbulence at the rear of the vehicle.

The Lucid Air R-Zentric Aerokit by Revozport is not just an upgrade—it’s a statement. It epitomizes the essence of the Lucid Air design language, harmoniously blending elegance, performance, and aerodynamic refinement. With this aerokit, your Lucid Air becomes a distinctive symbol of style, power, and luxury. Experience the future of EVs in a new light with the R-Zentric Aerokit.