RevoZport in the Press

RevoZport enjoys great relationships with the media around the world and August was no exception.

Trend Hunter is the world’s largest, most popular collection of cutting edge ideas, featured both the recently launched Tesla Rear Entertainment console along with the latest Mercedes CLA aerokit. AudioBoost, the US based Audi specialist blog featured the recently released Audi RS3 bodykits for both the sedan and the hatchback. Normally Audiboost do not publish third party pieces but felt the brand new RS3 kit deserved to be recognized. Meanwhile In the UK Mike Lee and the team at Performance Car Guide took a look at the brand new VW Golf 7R facelift with excellent results. Finally as we write the amazing Supercar blog, the home for all things supercar featured the custom designed Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta. Look out for more news from RevoZport across all formats of the media in the following weeks.

RevoZport Entertains Passengers in the Back of the Tesla X

Tesla makes fantastic cars that are perfect for the world we live in today as its state-of-the-art technology is cutting edge and offers every piece of in-car entertainment one has ever dreamed of, at least, for those in the front seats.

Now, RevoZport has changed that, with the new Carbon Fibre Wireless Charging iPad Station for the Tesla Model X. Designed to streamline the roof contour, the station stretches from the front windscreen to the room light area, making sure it is positioned perfectly to allow all the backseat passengers to get a good view. Held firmly in place magnetically, wireless charging allows the passengers to conveniently remove from the station, choose whatever they want to play and then reconnect their iPad back at the station. RevoZport teamed up with Dana Innovations to develop this product exclusively for Tesla Model X.

Besides being sold at retail, the station is currently in-use with the US Police and Ambulance services.

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RevoZport’s Mercedes Performance CLA Aerokit Offers Carbon Fiber Styling

The CLA might not be the most expensive of Mercedes and it might not have the qualities of some of the other Mercedes cars but the car does have some swagger—it’s got to be one of the most eye-catching, stylish cars on the road today. With its seductive details, the car is sleek like a coupe, yet offers enough room to fit five in perfect comfort.

And when you take all this style and swagger and put it in the hands of the design team at RevoZport—one of the world’s leading performance and styling studios and the sister company of Alvarae Design Studio, the creators of custom-designed contemporary luxury furniture—you just know you’re going to end up with something very unique and very special.

Created using carbon fiber, the incredible body styling of the complete Aerokit through to the race-style performance package is surely going to keep heads turning this summer.

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Revozport readying ‘Revoluzione’ body kit for the 8V Audi RS3 sedan and hatchback

For those with RS3 sedans in the USA (unfortunately the hatchback is not sold to Americans) Revozport will have what they are calling their Revoluzione body kit available soon. Those outside the US with RS3 hatches will find the pieces also apply.

So what is included?

What about pricing? Not released yet. So far we have renders to go on which certainly look nice but we we want to see the real thing and the affect the pieces have on downforce.

The vented hood alone might be something that enthusiasts are interested in to try to reduce temps.

The summer sun might be beating down but things are staying a whole lot cooler thanks to the brand new Audi SR3 Aerokit recently launched by the world renowned performance and accessory studio – RevoZport Racing Technology.

Developed for both the RS3 sedan and hot hatch. This is a welcome return by RevoZport to Audi after a period of some 5 year’s, and its easy to see why they have started with the SR3. With its distinctive exhaust note and the fact the car hits 60mph in 3.5 seconds. Proved to be all the excuse the design and engineering team needed to help reflect the power that the SR3 has to offer. And to celebrate further this return, RevoZport have introduced the RevoluZione brand which has been created exclusively for Audi.

The current RevoluZione kit includes; front splitter, bumper canards, side skirts, rear bumper skirt, rear diffuser, trunk lid spoiler and a vented hood. Plus there is an optional adjustable rear GT Spoiler with a choice of colours for the Aluminum supports. Which when combined take a car that is often considered to be a support act and turn it into a stadium filling monster headline act.

The design team have pushed the creative boundaries to produce and style each piece of the kit to the very finest detail for fitment, production qualities and appearance. To give the car a subtle sportier touch keeping it looking cool throughout the long hot days of summer without trying too hard.

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LAMBORGHINI Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta by RevoZport

RevoZport has introduced aesthetic and performance upgrades for the Lamborghini Aventador S and S Roadster. They call it, the Aventador LaMotta.

The Aventador LaMotta comes with a full Aerokit, which includes a front splitter, custom bonnet, side skirts, decklid panel, carbon fiber rear spoiler and diffuser. Additionally, the LaMotta also gets performance upgrades in the form of an ECU update and a custom exhaust. It rides on colour matched forged carbon wheels.

The LaMotta update for the Aventador costs $48,000. This includes the aforementioned body kit, 20-inch front and 21-inch rear forged alloy wheels with optional colour coding.

Individual prices of some of the components are:

  • Front splitter – $2900
  • Side skirt set – $2500
  • Rear diffuser – $4800
  • Rear trunk spoiler with decklid panel – $6000
  • X-pipe high flow cat back exhaust – $4800
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RevoZport introduce their Aerokit for the Golf 7R Facelift

Nothing less that perfection was good enough for the brand new Golf Razor 7R aerokit facelift from RevoZport. Each component of the kit was custom designed so as to achieve the maximum in aerodynamics and styling. Together they create the ultimate in art and technology that enhances the overall performance and handling of the car whilst keeping you looking cool without having to try.

The facelift kit includes a revised front splitter that provides more aerodynamic down force and brings out the sportiness of the 7R exterior.

Side skirts that not only look fantastic but have been designed to prevent air rolling under the car. A Rear Diffuser that has fins that extent out from the rear of the bumper to smooth and channel air flow from under the car as it moves at higher speed.

Plus an Add-on Trunk Lip Spoiler for the existing spoiler to provide extra down force and to give a more stylish and aggressive look to the rear end of the car.

Finally comes a new lightweight vented hood that is reinforced with carbon Kevlar which has been designed to offer maximum cooling to the engine and deliver vital weight savings. The new hood comes in two versions; single and double sided Carbon Fibre.

This brand new designed kit was especially made for the facelift model and none of these products have been carried from the previous model. Each component is rigorously tested with detailed quality control so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.

The kit is available in a choice of Gloss and Matt finishes or with the exclusive RevoZport Forged Carbon finish. For more detail please visit

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