Tesla PLAID XR by RevoZport

Experience the fusion of sportiness and power with the RevoZport Plaid XR aerokit, meticulously designed for the Tesla Model X Plaid and Long Range models. Unveiled in late 2022, Tesla’s facelifted Model X showcased several aesthetic adjustments, but lacked the sporty allure befitting its superfast capabilities. Addressing this gap, the Plaid XR aerokit transforms the Model X into a visually stunning and exhilarating ride.

The extensive Plaid XR kit includes a range of upgrades that enhance both the vehicle’s aerodynamics and aesthetics. With a sleek front splitter, the kit improves aerodynamic performance by reducing drag. The front splitter canards, small winglets strategically placed, further aid in stability and control.

The side skirts and rear diffuser add an aggressive touch to the vehicle’s profile, while the XR Wide Fender Kit extends the car’s stance with a front and rear expansion of 15mm and 25mm respectively. The XR Lower Skirts and XR Rear Bumper Skirts further reinforce the car’s sporty appeal.

For those seeking additional enhancements, the Plaid XR kit offers optional upgrades, including a vented hood for better engine cooling, and a two-piece rear spoiler set (upper and lower) to increase downforce and stability at high speeds.

The RevoZport Plaid XR aerokit is more than an upgrade; it’s a transformation, turning your Tesla Model X into a vehicle that is as visually thrilling as it is powerful. Experience the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics with the Plaid XR.


RevoZport PLAID XR

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